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Engineered Cleaning Systems

A Global Leader in the Development and Design of Mops, Buckets, Carts and Microfiber Products

Filmop specializes in the manufacturing of highly engineered manual cleaning equipment for professional use.

Family-Owned, Market-Focused: Filmop remains a family-owned and operated company, enabling flexibility, responsiveness, responsibility, and a highly focused market approach.

Rooted in Observation, Powered by Innovation: Filmop designs its products by combining intense observation of cleaning professionals doing their jobs, with an extremely sophisticated CAD design program.

Emphasis on Engineering Excellence and Innovation

Filmop Workstations, Microfiber, and Specialty Cleaning Tools for Different Venues

MRI Workstation

Non-metal cleaning cart and tools for cleaning MRI suites.  The Workstation is made with co-polymer material, which is more durable than single polymer plastic. Components are easily removed for complete cleaning and disinfection. Slide-out drawers with generous depth are lockable and allow for ergonomic access (no bending).

  • Absorbs shocks and won’t break or crack on impact
ALPHA Workstations

ALPHA Workstations for general cleaning needs are light-weight & have modular customization. Use with Top Down Microfiber or Dual Bucket mopping.

  • Won’t Rust or Dent
  • Easy to clean with rounded edges and removeable components.  No sharp 90 degree corners
  • 30% lighter and quieter than metal
OneFred Double Bucket Cleaning Cart

OneFred is a highly professional mopping system, now renewed in its design and made even more ergonomic and lighter for a better use.

  • Customize by wringer and bucket capacity
  • Compact Size:  Footprint of 25.5″ x 15.3″
  • Self-Contained System:  Accessorize to have all floor maintenance essentials contained in a single, small mobile system
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