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Your Guide to Clean

The Go-To Resource for Taking on the Toughest Cleaning Challenges

Multi-Clean offers a comprehensive range of cleaning and floor maintenance products with a focus on providing commercial cleaning solutions that are safer for both people and the environment. Our commitment doesn’t just end at producing effective cleaning chemicals with zero dilution; we also provide education on green cleaning processes that advocate for a healthier indoor environment. 

An Industry Leader

Multi-Clean's focus has always been on value, training, education, and superior products.


Providing education on the value of cleaning combined with green cleaning processes that promote a healthier indoor environment.


Performance with no dilution, saving customers money and the wasteful free-pouring of concentrates.


Expert training and support to get you the best results.

Guiding You Through the Right Product and the Right Process

High performance cleaning and floor maintenance products for the commercial cleaning industry

Triple Play - 3 in 1 Bio-Enzymatic Carpet Cleaner

3 in 1 Bio-Enzymatic Carpet Cleaner

  • Neutralizes Urine Odors
  • Breaks Down Food Stains
  • Works on Deeply Embedded Odors
Tough Green - All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

A powerful detergent cleaner formulated to provide all purpose degreasing and still be safer for people and environment. Concentrated, neutral pH, biodegradable, VOC compliant, non-toxic. USDA C-1

  • Removes All Types of Soils
  • Neutral pH is Safe for All Flooring
  • Rinse Free, No Film Residues
Fury Degreaser - Heavy Duty Degreaser

An advanced, heavy duty degreaser that removes oils and grease from a variety of surfaces. A non-corrosive class cleaner, ideal for shop degreasing at automotive dealerships, car/truck repair garages, industrial factories, warehouses, and much more.

  • For Concrete and Epoxy Coated Floors
  • Breaks down petroleum oils
  • Safer, Non-Corrosive to Metals and Skin
Ultra Stripper - High Performance, Low Odor Floor Finish Remover

A deep penetrating, non-corrosive, non-butyl, non-caustic stripper that requires minimal agitation to emulsify and remove all types of floor finishes including semi-permanent. Low odor allows use in occupied facilities, great for health care environments.

  • Quickly removes moderate to heavy build ups
  • Can be used on genuine linoleum floors
  •  Great for use as a restoration cleaner on grouted tile floors
PP-Gone - Urine Stain & Odor Remover

A Peroxide Powered Cleaner that destroys urine odors and stains on hard and soft surfaces. PP-Gone is not just for hard surfaces, the dye free formula is safe on soft surfaces including carpet, bedding, mattresses, upholstery and clothing. It makes a great laundry pre-spot. 

  • Kills Human and Animal Urine Odors & Stains
  • Safe on Hard and Soft Surfaces
  • Effective on Blood Stains
Foamy Mac - Foaming Restroom Cleaner

Foamy MAC (Mild Acid Cleaner) Foaming Restroom Cleaner is an advanced foaming cleaner formulated to cling to surfaces when sprayed with a foaming trigger sprayer or a foam gun. 

  • Cleans soap scum, mineral deposits, lime, or grease off of all acid-resistant surfaces including ceramic tiles, grout, drinking fountains, steam tables, wash basins, shower stalls, and bathtubs. Safe for use on chrome fixtures.
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