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Mytee Square Scrub

Solutions for Every Floor Type

Mytee Square Scrub®: Redefining American-Made Floor Care

Mytee Square Scrub® embodies precision and dedication, fusing American craftsmanship with state-of-the-art design. Every component, from Arkansas-sourced steel to Wisconsin-made Leeson Motor, showcases our commitment to domestic quality and pride.

More than just equipment, Mytee Square Scrub® prioritizes user comfort and care. Our machines minimize vibration and fatigue due to our unique isolated handle. Our chemical-free process conserves water and diminishes chemical usage along with our eco-friendly, recycled materials pads.

Floor Scrubbers, Cleaning & Preparation Machines

Square Scrub® floor cleaning and prep machines were developed to maximize productivity in every application. With 100+ different surface cleaning and preparation tools, our industrial floor machines handle cleaning, scrubbing, floor stripping, and mopping while making the most efficient use of every pad, paper, or screen, saving both time and money.

Made in America

All equipment, products, and components are made in the USA.

User Friendly Features

Vibration reducing isolated handle lessens user fatigue. Ideal weight distribution ensures efficient use of each pad. Continuous commitment to improving user experience.

Attention to Craftsmanship

Our superior quality is evident in every product detail.

Maximized Productivity

The Square Scrub Floor Preparation Machine is designed for optimal efficiency in every application with over 100 different tool options.

Customer Service

Real People: Direct phone contact without automated menus

Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Maximizes pad, paper, or screen use to save time and money. Uses significantly less water, wax, and chemicals. Pads are made from recycled materials. Machines operate quietly.

Mytee Square Scrub is Productivity Squared!

Committed to finding even more ways to make your workday just a bit easier.

S-300H Tempo™ Heated Spotter Extractor

The S-300H Tempo™ Heated Spotter Extractor may be sub-compact, but it’s a full-size performer. Ideal for auto detailing, carpet, and upholstery spotting, packing significant power into its compact design.  Tackling spots and stains is a breeze with its potent inline heater, swiftly breaking down tough grime. Benefit from the strongest vacuum in its class within a portable, durable body.

  • Efficient Capacity & Power: 1-gallon tank capacity, powerful vacuum motor with 85″ water lift
  • High-Performance Heating: 600W heater for effective extraction
  • Compact & Portable Design: Weighs only 26 lbs., convenient handle and wheels for easy transport; includes durable roto-molded housing and essential accessories.
1600 Focus™ Vapor Steamer

Mytee’s new & improved 1600 Focus™ Vapor Steamer easily cleans a multitude of areas and surfaces. With high-temperature steam, you can remove stubborn dirt, grease, grime stains and soap scum.

  • Capacity & Power: 5-gallon solution tank, heavy-duty kettle with 1,750W heating element, pump-driven fill.
  • Versatile Disinfection:  Disinfecting steam up to 350°F; includes various attachments, high-pressure professional spray gun, and 15′ hose; easy-push handle for transportation.
  • Multi-Purpose Application:  Ideal for automotive detailing, mattress sanitization, upholstery spotting, and facility maintenance.
LTD12-LX Speedster® Carpet Extractor

The Speedster® LTD12-LX Carpet Extractor, a top-tier portable solution for tile, grout, and carpets. Powered by Mytee’s advanced LX™ vacuums, the LTD12-LX ensures unmatched recovery, leaving your floors cleaner and drier in less time than competing units. The secret lies in our revolutionary hybrid motor, boasting unique winding and fan configuration for higher efficiency resulting in faster drying times and a noticeably superior clean. 

  • High-Capacity Performance: 11-gallon recovery and solution tanks, powerful dual Mytee® LX™ Vacuum Motors for efficient water recovery
  • Precision Cleaning Power: 1,200 PSI adjustable pump, ideal for removing soil and grime from hard surfaces
  • User-Friendly Design: Auto-fill with chemical injection, auto pump-out, waist-high switch plate, and regulator; includes innovative features like Loading Buddy wheel attachment and industry-first recovery tank rinse hose.
Doodle Scrub

The Doodle Scrub, our compact floor scrubber, packs the same cleaning prowess as its larger counterparts, ensuring that tight spaces like bathrooms, storage closets, and corners are no longer a challenge. This lightweight, versatile machine offers both corded and battery-operated options to cater to your specific cleaning needs.

  • Unmatched Versatility: Its patented handle system provides two attachment modes, allowing for enhanced reach and cleaning configurations.
  • Deep Cleaning: Say goodbye to manual mops; the Doodle Scrub delivers impressive power, comparable to our EBG-20/C model, ensuring comprehensive surface preparation.
  • Safety & Hygiene Priority: Ideal for various floor types, it reaches those frequently overlooked spaces where dirt and germs lurk, promoting a cleaner and safer environment.
Doodle Deluxe Kit

The Doodle Deluxe Kit is designed for commercial spaces like hospitals and restaurants, this kit ensures every corner sparkles while promoting utmost sanitation.

  • Comprehensive Kit: Comes with a Doodle Scrub EBG-9 machine, Doodle Skate, a variety of cleaning pads, and other essential tools tailored for different surfaces and needs.
  • Specialized Cleaning: With the unique Doodle Skate attachment, even baseboards, an often overlooked area, receive special cleaning attention.
  • Flexibility Choices: Choose between corded or battery-powered versions, ensuring seamless cleaning without boundaries or power constraints.
Square Scrub Pivot

 The Square Scrub Pivot is available in two sizes, suitable for a variety of floor types and operations ranging from cleaning and scrubbing to polishing and dry floor stripping. The machine’s advanced pivoting head design ensures consistent surface contact, optimizing cleaning efficiency, especially on uneven surfaces.

  • Advanced Technology: The unique pivoting head ensures optimal weight distribution, maximizing pad contact with the floor for a deeper, quicker clean.
  • Versatile and Durable: Suitable for a variety of floor materials, the 7-gauge stainless steel base tackles even the most stubborn floor challenges, making it the ideal choice for rigorous environments.
  • Customizable Options: Enhance the machine’s capabilities with additions like the HEPA dry vac kit, a two-piece handle, additional weights, and a diverse range of floor pads.
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